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How We Help You - Bail

After a person is arrested, the court will set a bail amount (the dollar amount varies based on the alleged offense involved and other contributing factors...). The bond is the court's way of making sure that a defendant appears at their scheduled court date once released from jail.

Here's how Leo's Bail Bonds helps you through the bail bond process:

  1. Leo's Bail Bonds walks through what a bail bond is.
  2. Leo's Bail Bonds works with your individual financial situation
  3. You pay Leo's Bail Bonds a fee which is typically 10% of the full bail bond amount
  4. Leo's Bail Bonds posts a bail bond with the jail facility
  5. Your loved one is released

We provide Free and confidential bail information over the phone.

We are a full service bail bond agency with bail throughout the States of Michigan and Indiana. Call us now for free bond advice.

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